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About Me

A tech enthusiast from Austria who loves to play around with old and new hardware, software, gadgets, Smartphones, Computers and so on. Also IT admin and helpdesk for a somewhat big company, YouTuber, Gamer, Video Editor, Hobby Photograph, Drone Pilot & more.

My YouTube channel isn’t really focused on anything, I’m mostly uploading random stuff that comes into my mind. Beginning from 3D animations to Livestreams and real life videos, just stuff that I love to record and upload! I do think about reorganizing my channel to focus it more on one topic but that’s not going to be an easy task…

Another project I’m working on is PonySFM.com. Introduced in 2013 and always being improved and updated since then I’ve worked together with a few different people to create the best website to share 3D models, animations, maps, scripts and more for Source Filmmaker based around “My Little Pony” with a simple to use service.

Besides that I’m also writing random articles for this blog, hack (not in a bad way of course) and tweak around various technical and non-technical things and overall just love to improve my own knowledge about the most random, tech-related stuff.


You can either use one of the above mentioned social media accounts or send me an E-Mail at epiclper7@gmail.com to contact me directly.

If you want to contact me via social media it’d be best to do so on Twitter, I’m almost always online and also have public DM active there.