Dell Latitude XT2 and Windows 10 Tech-Preview

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3 Responses

  1. Brian Daily says:

    I’m contemplating upgrading my XT2 soon and was wondering if you had any updates in the last year.


    • EpicLPer says:

      Oh yeah, I should update this a little. There’s a nasty graphics bug which, randomly, makes everything look completely scrambled up, fixes itself tho when you open or move programs off-screen.
      Pen and touchscreen are both working fine, auto-rotation tho is not. Also the buttons on the screen act a bit weird and can’t be configured, maybe with a 3rd party app but this would also screw with other button combinations.

      Besides that: Give it a try, nothing’s lost :)

      • Brian Daily says:

        Thanks for the reply! I mostly use mine in laptop mode so the auto-rotation and screen buttons shouldn’t bother me too much. Hopefully the graphics bug will get fixed – that sounds like a pain.


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