Internet Explorer 8 – List with ALL Languages directly from Microsoft

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  1. Bård Baadstø Ildgruben says:

    Thank you so much for this! I have been looking for a norwegian IE8 (Windows XP) for ages.

  2. Explorer says:

    Hi. I’m the original poster of these direct links. Thanks for sharing. It’s really a pity that MS removed the download pages for that.

    I’m here just to remind you guys that I also list the direct links of all required IE8 updates, which would save you time from going to Windows Update to download them. Just see the directory ( if you are interested.

    Note that I host none of Microsoft files in my repositories — only the links. I state here to avoid copyright controversies later.

    • EpicLPer says:

      Heya, thanks for the link! I’ll probably download them too and provide a backup-link, just in case. I hope Microsoft won’t care enough to take them down.

  3. vinicius says:

    thanks alot for the links

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